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Une visite de Jérusalem

Voici une courte visite de Jérusalem avec pour accompagnement le chant Jerusalem, eye of the universe.

Vous en trouverez le texte anglais et les détails en dessous de la vidéo.



Music, lyrics and vocals by Dovid (David Green)
Jerusalem - Eye of the Universe is a passionate expression of Dovid's love for the holy city of Jerusalem. The song and video takes you on a tour of the layers of history and modern life of the place also referred to as the eye of the universe, for no matter what happens in Jerusalem...

Jerusalem - Eye of the Universe

Soul of the world
in the heart of the land
together we stand in the
eye of the universe

where God meets man
through the joy and the pain
eye of the universe

City of peace
between the body and the soul
and the heavens and the earth
between one another
and please one day with the nations of the world
like her people pray

no more need to fight
and her Godly light
will shine even brighter
and revive the life
oh yerushalayim

I can't explain
but I've never felt this way
I've gotta kiss the ground cause I'm overwhelmed
I'm in love with this ancient city
theres something in the air
I never felt anywhere

tell me why
I'm feeling more alive
with every step I take
as I make my way
to the heart of the holy city
and i touch the wall of stone
like it's a part of my bones
and with a gentle kiss I know
I finally found my way home

the prophets and the kings
in the temple worshiping
together we will sing in the
eye of the universe

Layers of living
Timeless city
I can't believe I'm witnessing
centuries in the history of my soul


Il n’est pas fou celui qui perd ce qu’il ne peut garder, afin de gagner ce qu’il ne peut perdre. (Jim Elliot)